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Is the Physique Competition Industry Becoming More Profit Driven?

Like the beauty, diet and cosmetic surgery industries, the competition world is becoming increasingly driven by profit. Costs to the competitor can be phenomenal, with one Bikini model commenting that her previous competition season totalled more than her wedding day.     Competition federations aim to profit directly through various methods. The first is via […]

Has the ‘Knife’ become a Social Norm?

Over the past decade, an increasing number of women have resorted to surgery to shed the pounds. There is a growing UK market for surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatments. In 2015, the BBC reported that the cosmetic surgery industry was worth ‘£750m in the UK in 2005, £2.3bn in 2010 and is forecast to reach […]

Are You Lining the Diet Industry’s Pockets?!

The diet industry profits by offering items that promise to reduce the body’s weight and size. Within contemporary culture, women and dieting are almost synonymous, with retail analyst organisation Mintel reporting that ‘today, just 5% of women claim to never think about their weight’.[1] This weight preoccupation is created by an industry that, in the […]

The Pressure to be Perfect is Purely for Profit

In 2016, the ‘ideal’ fit, slim body acts as the norm against which many of us measure, discipline and transform ourselves. In a culture obsessed with bodies, we are made to feel ashamed of our figures figures and consequently invest in diet, fitness and beauty products in order to ‘correct’ them. Adherence to the appearance […]

The Attraction of the Hourglass Figure

Throughout the noughties, young women appealed to ‘thinspiration’ for advice on how they should look. Following these angular-limbed ‘pro-ana’ years, however, curves have now reassumed centre stage.[1] In 2014, I was awarded the coveted status of Pro Bikini Athlete at the Miami Pro British Championships. On competition day, my figure was a near perfect hourglass […]

Why It’s ‘All About That Bass’: Glute Obsessed Culture

The hourglass physique has been popular throughout history from the wasp-waisted Victorian lady to the 1950s housewife. Its modern silhouette, however, holds a specific attraction. In September 2014, Vogue declared ‘We’re Officially in the Era of the Big Booty’[1] as Jennifer Lopez was joined in the derriere hall of fame by a multitude of celebrities […]

Proof that the ‘Ideal Body’ is NOT REAL: My Experience

  The comment most frequently made by people upon meeting me for the first time is, ‘I thought you’d be taller.’ Having only seen images of my physique in stage shots and promotional material, many are surprised that I measure a petite 5’2”. Creating the appearance of height, however, is just one of countless illusions […]